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Food & Spirits

Richmond (586)727-4500 Armada (586)784-9104

Catering & Carry-Out Services Available

Check out our menu for the best food in town!

We have two locations to serve you.We are conveniently located in
downtown Richmond and downtown Armada.


We are known for our excellant quality steaks,BBQ ribs,seafood,and
pizza at rock bottom prices.We believe in making a little off each
customer not all off one,you will not find cheaper prices.

Chaps,a long time Richmond favorite,is located at the corner of Main
and Monroe in the old Richmond Hotel building.One of the few
American owned restaurants left,it is all restaurant on one side for a
family dining experience and bar restaurant on the other,for our wilder
customers.We have a second location in Armada Hotel building.

I am a Richmond graduate,my wife graduated from Armada.We still
continue to raise our five kids in the middle of the two,Richmond
Township.We buy 80% of our product from Michigan right now and
hope to do more this year.We feel our state is left behind so we
are doing our part to save it.We have just added a new draft beer.

Kid Rocks' Bad Ass Beer***100% made in Michigan***

Check out our Food Specials!!

Stop in and have a local shot favorite, "The Minibeer".

Don't Forget to sign up for the Chap's frequent diner card.*
Ask your server for details


Chap's Richmond

69294 North Main Street
Richmond Mi 48062

Chap's Armada

23084 East Main Street
Armada Mi 48005

*Twenty dollar gift card when your accumulated balance on your Chap's card reaches
three hundred dollars.

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